Nutrition Program

Improve your health by developing strategies through better nutrition habits. This program will help you achieve exactly that.

  1. Focus on principles of healthy, physiologic weight and body reduction and maintenance, while supporting healthy eating habits.
  2. Provide balanced nutritional intake with sufficient protein and vitamin intake to maximize the burning of fat while preserving and building lean body mass.
  3. Realistic and sustainable methods.
  4. Together with exercise, the approach results in preservation of muscle and avoids the rebound weight gain, by instilling gradual changes in the participant.
  5. This is a long-term approach that builds strategies and tools for success beyond initial weight reduction.
  6. Tools include healthy eating and supporting a healthy relationship with food through meal prep, meal and snack ideas.
  7. The atmosphere and journey to healthy eating is focused on positivity and individualized to your lifestyle.

Contact Kelly for more information or 414.732.9352