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Coach with cerebral palsy defies athletic odds in pool, CrossFit

Tom Miazga is a former Paralympic swimmer and CrossFit’s ‘Fittest Seated Man on Earth’. Now he is giving back to the sports that gave him so much. CEDARBURG, Wis. — A Cedarburg man’s athletic ability has made him a champion in two different arenas. “Swimming is home. Swimming has always been home,” Tom Miazga said. […]


Tom Miazga 2018 Wheel WOD World Champion

Congratulations to Ozaukee CrossFit’s Tom Miazga on becoming the 2018 World Champion in the Wheel WOD CrossFit Games! Miazga finished first in the four day and 10 event International WheelWOD Crossfit Games in Toronto. Local Press Fox6 News Video & Article News Graphic Article


The Open has come to an end, congratulations to everyone that competed in the CrossFit Games! Thank you to judges week in and week out for your continued support, our community is strong. Coaches, thank you for continuing to educate and push us to our limits and be better everyday. View the Ozaukee CrossFit Leaderboard […]


Week four was a filled with power and a balancing act…Was there any love for the line on the wall? Big thank you to coaches and judges! View the Ozaukee CrossFit Leaderboard 2018 Open results online. The 18.4 for time: 21 deadlifts, Men 225 lb., Women 155 lb. 21 handstand push-ups 15 deadlifts, Men 225 […]


With weekend number two in the books Ozaukee CrossFit athletes again represented well. This week was a burner which immediately went into a one-rep max lift. Squats and burpees, who could ask for more? Thank you to coaches and judges for continuing to make these events exceptional. View the Ozaukee CrossFit Leaderboard 2018 Open results […]


Congratulations to all of our athletes that participated in the CrossFit Games in its opening weekend. We had a few athletes that went through the lengthy workout twice! A special thank you to the judges keeping score and helping motivate. View the Ozaukee CrossFit Leaderboard 2018 Open results online. The 18.1 workout consisted of: 8 […]